Working + School

I have always felt that I do better in school when I keep myself busy. That is why I have always had a job during college, and this year is no exception.

Right now, I am a Change Leader for the Pittsburgh Young Leaders Academy, which is an after school program run by Pittsburgh Cares. I will be working with three other leaders at a Pittsburgh city high school twice a week putting on an after school program for 9th and 10th graders. Pittsburgh Young Leaders Academy, or PYLA, is also held at four other Pittsburgh Public Schools. So far, I have been to two weeks’ worth of training, and the after school programming will start at the end of September. I am excited to meet the students and see what the experience will be like!

Like I said, I have always had a job during college. When I lived on campus, I worked at a running shoe store on the weekends. I took on more hours last year, while I was living at home. I think having a job during school is a great way to force myself to manage my time. I know that I get a lot more work done when I have a structured time to do it. If I didn’t have a job, I think I would be less focused during my free time.

Obviously everyone’s situation is different, but for some people working during school, even if it’s just on the weekends, is a great way to help yourself manage time, and earn some money!


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