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Working while in college definitely complicates things: balance is an art that must be carefully achieved. However, most students work while in college in an attempt to pay off their debt or have a little extra spending money, regardless of the stressors it may add to coursework. Me, personally – I enjoy working! Coming from a steady high school job, lack of work in college resulted in both boredom and an empty wallet. For this reason, I have been working all my years at Duquesne.

I have been lucky enough to find an off-campus job right on campus! Let me explain: as part of my position as a resident assistant, I have lost work-study privileges (work-study’s are jobs on campus with Duquesne University that are through the federal government). This complicates things: as an RA, you cannot have a work-study job on campus, but obviously have to live on campus! Working for Aramark, the food service company, though, allows students who are ineligible for work-study to work on campus. There are many different positions students can hold, working at the POD, Late Night or Red Ring.

My position as a server at Red Ring has been the perfect part-time job while in college. I work about three days a week, and I work with all students so I am always having fun on the job. In fact, I work with two of my best friends, so it is hardly work at all.

If you haven’t visited us at the Red Ring, the restaurant is below the power center on Forbes Ave and has amazing food and a fun atmosphere while just a short walk (or elevator ride) from campus! Students can even use flex at the Red Ring after 5 PM, making it both affordable and delicious for college students.


– Alyssa Federoff

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