What’s your favorite?

We all have a favorite class.  Maybe it’s just the favorite for this semester or maybe it will become the favorite of your college career.  I’ve been surprised to find that my favorite class usually ends up being the one I dreaded most when I was scheduling.  Last spring, my favorite class ended up being a required philosophy course that I expected to be very dry and boring but instead turned out to be really entertaining and interesting thanks to the passionate instructor.

This semester, I think my favorite class is my Digital Imaging Techniques class with Dr. Woytek in JMA.  We do a lot of fun projects with PhotoShop and a few other design programs, which I know will be beneficial in my PR and advertising career, and for me, doing something hands on and creative is much better than listening to a lecture and taking notes.  We have many time consuming assignments and I’m usually up for hours trying to perfect every photo (I’m actually taking a break from one to write this post right now!), but I’ve enjoyed the projects so much that I purchased the expensive software to have on my personal computer so I can play around and edit more images for fun.  You know a class is good when you want to keep practicing in your free time!



The first assignment in my Digital Imaging class was to take the above picture of the professor's niece and place her in one of our own photos. I took her to the Louvre in Paris!

I hope to add a lot more projects to my portfolio throughout the rest of the semester, and I’m even starting to think about returning for a master’s degree in digital media so I can get even better.  You never know which class might inspire you to change your dreams–just another reason a liberal arts education is so beneficial.  Use your scheduling freedom to try anything that sounds interesting and fun.  I really recommend it.


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