What day is it?

It’s 10pm and I think I’ve finally grasped that it’s Tuesday. Not only did the day off yesterday mess me up (I love days off, I’m not complaining!) but I am still not used to this semester’s schedule.

First, I packed my backpack for my Monday classes. My stats book and theology binder don’t do my much good on a Tuesday. Somehow I remembered the books for my Tuesday night class, so a tiny part of my brain was prepared for the day!

Then I set my alarm for 7:15am, the time I have to wake up on Mondays. After studying the time and date on my phone this morning, I realized I had 2+ hours to sleep! It’s Tuesday!

I got through the day taking notes in the wrong notebooks and sharing textbooks with classmates because my backpack was filled with the wrong ones. All this trouble was worth it though because we had the day off yesterday! (Although I spent it in the library…)

Remember, tomorrow is Wednesday!


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