Welcome to Ducksburgh & the Duck Photomania!

Myself and the famous duck
Goodness gracious, it’s a duck!

If you haven’t heard about the giant duck in Pittsburgh, you probably haven’t been in Pittsburgh recently. A creation of dutch Artist Florentijn Hofman, the Pittsburgh duck has many brothers and sisters bringing childlike fun to bodies of water around the world. Few things in recent memory have united us more. (Except, maybe, the Pirates Wild Card win yesterday. Let’s go bucs! )

The forty-foot tall traveling duck, now chillin’ at the Point, has become a phenomenon. It has led to such fabulous innovations as shirts with ducky sayings, rubber ducks, and those chicks who make really weird pouty faces and post them on Instagram… (Oh, that was a thing already? Woops! My bad. 😛 )
The Duck is like an internet virus– infecting people everywhere with duck-like joy and photobombing their Facebook profile pictures. And by that, I mean, there is an extensive list of pictures starring the duck. Here are the top 3 variations that I’ve discovered.

  1. The “Oh Look There’s a Duck!” Picture.
    In this basic variation of the picture (see above), someone indicates that, indeed, there is a giant duck in Pittsburgh.
  2. The Cute Coupley Pictures- You can practically hear it in your head. “Oh, look, aren’t we cute? Now we’re even cuter because there’s a duck in the background!”
  3. The “Watch Me interact with this Duck Picture”-By far the rarest and most interesting variant of the three, some people will take a billion pictures until they succeed and it looks like they are holding, fighting with, or kissing the duck by turns.

So, what duck pictures have /you/ taken? What duck pictures should everyone be taking (or not be taking)? Let us know!

~Laura (Let’s go Ducks!) Lowe

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