Welcome class of 2014!

Today, I was frequenting the Facebook group for Duquesne’s accepted freshmen of 2014. I started thinking back to this time last year, where acceptance letters were being stuffed in my mailbox at home, along with a few, painful “wait-list” letters. Up until May, I was totally unsure of what part of the country I was going to end up on. I’ll share a little secret: I applied to Duquesne on a whim, and did not visit until weeks before deposits were due. However, in that short, weekend visit, I fell in love.

I’ve personally invited several new Duquesne students to the Liberal Arts Facebook page, and promised I would answer any questions anyone had. I am further opening up the floor, extending my proposal.

Hello Duquesne University’s class of 2014! Feel free to leave any questions about the university, the Liberal Arts College, or college freshmen life in general for me in the form of a comment of this post.

I solemnly swear, I’ll give you honest answers!


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