Welcome Back!

Elders have always told me that as each year of life passes, time seems to go faster. Well, it is certainly proving true as I delve into my second year at Duquesne University.First, I’d like to welcome everyone back to campus in hopes that all of you have a productive school year. After health and family, academics comes first. Knowledge is power.

Second, I encourage everyone to branch out and explore the multitude of opportunities that Duquesne has to offer. Honestly there’s so much to do… from work-study opportunities to Greek Life to volunteering to so many different societies, I believe any person can find their niche and form lasting and meaningful relationships here.

Here is a short overview of what Fall 2017 will look like for me. You’ll never be able to say you don’t know where to find me: I. Class II. AOII III. Pre-Law Society IV. College Democrats V. Power Center

I look forward to meeting so many new people this semester. I am always eager to connect with anyone who has questions about Liberal Arts in general, PoliSci/IR, Greek Life, or just chat  about anything.

Best of luck this semester! I’ll be back soon with a post about my personal favorite things to do outside of classes/work.

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