Veterans Day

As I groggily dragged myself out of bed yesterday morning, I heard the sounds of a marching band coming from myamerican-flag-1[1]window. It didn’t surprise me too much since I often hear Duquesne’s band practicing on McCloskey Field, but when I peaked out there was no band to be seen. That’s when I saw a message from my brother, who said he and his high school ROTC were marching in the Veterans Day parade. The mysterious sounds of marching bands now made sense.

I was excited that my brother’s group got to lead the parade, but unfortunately I had class and was unable to watch. I saw some coverage on the news later that night and it looked really nice. I’m proud of him for being so dedicated, but I know I will be worried if he decides to join the military after graduation.

My worries were eased a little when I made my way down A-Walk and saw some collections for soldiers and a banner for students to sign that would later be sent to the soldiers on-duty. I would feel a little better about my brother joining since I know that Americans are so supportive of their military. It also really reminded me to keep these brothers and sisters of other Americans in my prayers. I guess you could say Veterans Day really served its purpose for me this year.


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