The New York/New Jersey area is an interesting place; it has a ton of everything. There are many cultures, there are tons of stores, and there are a wide variety of sports teams. We have the Devils and the Rangers, the Yankees and the Mets, as well as the Jets and the Giants. On Thursday I discovered that Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is quite different.

I should have expected this; there are always at least ten students a day wearing Steelers jerseys or some clever saying about this so-called “City of Champions”. However, I was shocked to see such unity as kickoff approached. That day, I had an interview in the Shadyside, and found that I was probably the only one wearing normal clothes, instead of some sort of Pittsburgh paraphernalia. Then, to my surprise, on my return trip, the Steelers chant was being sung on the Port Authority bus. I felt proud to part of such a proud city. When I got to campus, it was basically deserted, as everyone had headed over to the stadium for the free concert. As I watched on my TV, I was so excited to be able to hear the fireworks live, before they appeared on the screen.

This type of unity was something I never even knew existed. I love Pittsburgh!


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