Tis the season: for internship hunting tips!

Me, on the internship trail
On the internship trail, courtesy of Career Services, Patricio Chile

Congrats!!! It’s thanksgiving break. You have time to sleep in, eat turkey or vegan burgers, spend time with friends and family…. And , dare I say it?, become bored.

When that happens, instead of sitting around at home and refreshing your facebook page, what about prepping for your summer dream internship? Whether you are a freshman or senior, employers will be eying your work history for some experience that shows you are interested and knowledgeable about your field. A summer internship can be a fun way to get that.

Career Services has been working hard to get the information out to you. In case you happened to miss one of their million info sessions, events and internship panels, you’ve just lucked out. I was there and have compiled my list of do’s for when you’ve found your dream internship.

    1. Dress Nice. (No sweats! )
    2. Know what you’re applying for. This goes further than realizing that Channel 4 is not a perfume, but a tv station. Get to know the company, the company’s goals and be ready to speak about why you think you might be a good fit for it. Also, share your ideas! Most employers aren’t psychic. 😐
    3. Remember the most important word in the English language—someone’s name!
      How many times has someone added your name at the end of a sentence and made you feel all warm and fuzzy? Even employers feel this, so be saavy!
    4. Speaking of language, check your spelling and grammar at the door. Employers are looking for professional articulate people, and it probably won’t help you if you can be outspelled by a fifth grader. Unless you’re on that show, Who’s (not) smarter than a fifth grader….and that’s not really an internship, is it?
    5. Take a tip from miss manners! Be polite and respectful throughout the interview. Also follow up an interview with a thank you note just to show that you are interested. Your potential employer is far more likely to remember you!
    6. Apply for more than one Internship. Just a bit of advice from those people who have gotten internships. They keep at it. They don’t just apply to one or two internships, but eight or maybe even more.

Need some more internship help?
You can log into DuqConnection to find internships and set up an appointment with Career Services (on Blackboard’s Starfish). They’re here for you, and will be just as eager to get back to hard, grueling work after the break as we all are. Right?…. guys? 😛


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