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Dear Reader,

I’m a commuter, and a junior(not for much longer!), and an overall smart person so you might wanna listen when I talk. I’m also modest.

In the three years I’ve been at Duquesne, I’ve experienced a lot of stuff. But I’ll give you the condensed version so you can glean some hidden gems from our campus.

Virtual Bookshelf – HELLO??

Did you know we have a virtual bookshelf? Well, we do, and you need to start using it last year. Lots of texts are online, so you need to check if any of yours are there! You can then save the book to your shelf for quick and easy access. You can even highlight in it AND download select portions so you can read it offline! I can’t remember the actual way to get to this page, or how I even found it in the first place, but here is a direct link. Just type in your Multipass username and password and you’re in!

How you should feel now that you know about this

Pro tip: Search public libraries and Gumberg to see if your text is here. Depending on your needs and the usage of the text, you might be able to just use the library’s copy(even if it is older) of the text for readings. This way, you won’t have to buy the book! Utilize the vast public library system around you! Even you nonPennsylvanians/nonPittsburghers – you can get a library card for free… so do it!! You won’t regret it!

Curriculum Center

In typical Duquesne fashion, you can’t enter any building on the first floor. The library is probably the strangest because you enter on the fourth floor. Anyway, go up one floor and you’ll see the curriculum center. Though it may look like it’s only for education majors, anyone is welcome during the open hours. You can use the Elison machines for craft projects and posters which you can also have laminated for as little as a $1!!! Not to mention they have a few computers from which you can print. And let’s be honest, we’re all about printing.


You know you have other options for printing, right? Seriously, don’t be a part of the printing problem by flocking to the library like everyone else. There are TONS of other computer labs. And they’re quieter too. Go to the labs in Canevin, Rockwell, Assumption(if you live there), 3rd and 4th floor of College Hall, the Commuter Center in the Union(this one is relatively new), etc. You have options!

Finals – They’re Like Midterms

I know we’re in the middle of finals and everyone is freaking out. WHY. In my experience, most final exams are like midterms because they’re not cumulative. Sure, people get stressed out around midterms, but not to the same degree of frenzy. I think some stress is good for finals, but staying up through the night and morning, camping out at the library and continually talking about impending exams is NUTS. Just stop it. Unless your exam is cumulative and worth a majority of your grade(like 60%), I”m pretty sure you’ll survive just like you survived midterms.

If you found this post useful, please share it and comment below! If you have additional tips, please post them! And good luck with finals!

Thanks for reading,

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