Three Duquesneable ways to cope with Midterm Stresses

No matter how much you love your alma mater, when you have two exams and three papers to look forward to in the next week; it can be hard to find things to be grateful for. These are mine.

1. Helping Hands (And no, not this kind)

If you’re struggling  at your studies, there are resources out there for you.  Course got you down? There’s tutoring. Rough paper? There’s the chill folks at the writing center. About to tear out your hair from stress? There are counselors standing by.

(Or, for the total package, there’s me. I have the very reasonable starting price of $5 a minute and I reference obscure eighties movies constantly.  You might just be better off those other guys. :P)

2. Study Crannies

If you’re going to hit the books, you might at least do it in style. Some of my favorite spots around campus are the glass rooms on the third and fourth floors of the power center (for the quiet studiers out there), the Starbucks (for the social animals!), and the shaded marble tables out and about campus. Grab yourself some serious coffee, and plunk yourself down to work!

3. PB&J!!! (and other assorted delicia)

This last and most important coping mechanism is, of course, the most important. Who doesn’t want themselves some free pb&j, especially when your professors are serving it up with such happy faces? Come down to the first floor of the Union, Wednesdays at noon and say hi!

Dr. Fritz serves up a plate'o joy

So, sound off, what things out and about Duquesne get you through your midterms?

(And who wants me as their own special life coach? Anyone? Bueller?)

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