Those Machines to Avoid.

So maybe you shouldn't eat all the cookies, but you're allowed to have one or two!!

“I worked off 352 calories, do you think that will be enough? Do you guys think I worked off that cookie I ate?”

The locker room at the gym— it is a place to overhear some interesting conversations. Unfortunately, this one saddened me. This person was at the gym just to work “off” the singular cookie she ate. That is so wrong! The Power Center is for keeping up with our physical health, not for counting calories.

Working out is important to make sure that we are healthy. We get some bad chemicals out; we let our bodies produce some good chemicals. Working out reduces your stress levels—that is one of the reasons we exercise! Calorie counting, however, only increases mental stress! As if we need any more, especially since we are university students.

But your physical health should not be your only concern. What about having fun? Grab some friends and go to some of the group classes which the Power Center offers! You will get a great workout while still having a great time. My friends and I have a tradition of going to Zumba and Pilates on Tuesday nights. We laugh, we joke (we sweat). We make great memories, which we reference in inside jokes. The group classes are so much fun. Decide between you and your friends which is your favorite. But also, don’t be afraid to try new ones, as well! I had never before tried Pi-Yo (a mix of Pilates and yoga), and I learned to love it!

Now let’s pause for a second and reflect on the other part of the calorie-counting beast. I’m not saying that you should gorge yourself on whatever sugary sweets you see and not care about what you’re eating. I’m saying that you shouldn’t worry about a latte that has whipped cream on it or a muffin (or two, maybe) at breakfast. If you’re suffering from sweet-tooth sickness but don’t want to feel guilty, try combining the sweet with the healthy. My favorite way to do this is to grab some Nutella and fruit (like green apples or a banana) at POD. Delicious and nutritious!

So run, run away from the guilt and machines! Trek the track, cover that calorie-counter, grab a group, and go, go, go!

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