This year’s end is next year’s beginning

View from the balcony

The end of this year is a bit different than years past for me.  Instead of my Duquesne family separating and going home to mom and dad in a few days, most of us are sticking around campus for the summer to work at internships and/or take summer classes.  The change makes me realize how much closer I’m getting to graduation and the real world since I can’t just go home and hang out at the pool all summer while I wait for an amazing vacation like the one I captured above in the Bahamas last year.  I have one week off after finals then I’m starting a summer internship with the National Kidney Foundation and hopefully a part time job if some upcoming interviews go well.  Strangely, though, I’m actually excited to spend the summer learning and making money because it makes me feel more independent and prepared for the situation I’ll be in next year at this time.

When that time comes, I’ll be putting on my cap and gown and applying for as many positions as possible to begin my career.  It’s crazy!  I’ve learned so much at Duquesne, and I know that when I make my way into the job market I’ll be ready to compete for what I want.  To make sure I’m as prepared as possible, I’m planning to make this last year count.  I’ve scheduled all Tuesday and Thursday classes for the fall so I can work to fatten up my bank account during the rest of the week, and I’ve taken on the position as PR Director on the executive board of Duquesne’s PRSSA chapter.  I’m excited to recruit underclassmen and help the organization grow before I graduate, while gaining experience in PR as well. (Contact me if you’d like to get involved!)

Attendees of the Style Your Sole Event
Everyone who attended the TOMs Style Your Sole event with PRSSA last week made amazing shoes and had so much fun!

As you can see, I’m trying to be advantageous during every moment of the coming year, and that’s really how I’ve tried to live my entire college experience.  To update a goal I mentioned in a previous post, I completed the Pirates 5k yesterday (in the cold rain at 7 am!) and I’m so happy I did it.  I accomplished something outside of my academics, and it helped me stay physically active, which relieves a lot of finals stress too.  Since I got my friends involved, we all got to go to the Pirates game last night for free, and it was an all around awesome day.  The moral of the story–get involved with something, anything!  Duquesne has so many different opportunities to better your mind, heart and spirit, and liberal arts gives you the freedom to choose whatever random interests you want to pursue.  If you want an all around life experience, this is definitely a place to be.

Friends before the race
My friends and I looking unusually excited for 6am. Starstruck by the Pirate Parrot, of course!

Good luck with finals, and keep planning for what’s to come next.  There’s so much out there!


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