This is Halloween, Halloween.

So much candy... to share!
Candy and movies for Halloween.

I. Love. Halloween. This holiday seconds only Christmas in my heart. At Duquesne, we celebrate the day after Halloween, All Saints’ Day, by having the day off class. (It’s like our version of a fall break.) And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like candy and getting dressed up?! Here are some Duquesne-able ideas for Halloween fun.

Set up a trick-or-treat night in your dorm. You can ask your RA or just go and knock on some doors, asking for candy. The second option might not be received as well as one might hope, but hey, asking never hurt anyone. You could even reverse trick-or-treat by knocking on doors and giving out sweets. CVS has some great deals right now, and I know I’d certainly appreciate if someone gave me some candy (not like I need much more in my room…)

Watch Halloween movies. Take a trip down to The Exchange off Liberty or Forbes and grab some cheap movies, then stop by CVS for some popcorn and possibly some accompanying candy corn? Now, I personally, am a whimp—I practically faint every time I see the trailer for a scary movie. The solution? My roommate and I decided to celebrate our love of magic with a Harry Potter marathon. There’s also Tim Burton’s The Night Before Christmas. But if you’ve a braver soul than mine, I hear watching all of the Paranormal Activity movies in a row is a pretty terrifying experience.

Go to Kennywood Fright Night. Grab some friends, some discounted tickets at the Giant Eagle, and get ready for a night of fright and fun. My friends and I went last weekend and had a fantastic time. The park is decorated in all sorts of creepy themes. My only advice would be to bring a heavy jacket—it gets really cold at night, especially when you’re whooshing down the hills of the Phantom’s Revenge at 80-something miles an hour.

Have a great weekend, everyone. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


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