The Third Alternative

You may have heard the buzz around campus about the Third Alternative but still have no idea what it is. Basically, it was an effort made by a student organization at Duquesne in the 1970s which ultimately saved the university from having to close down. On October 3, the student body will pay tribute to the event by holding the First Annual Third Alternative 5k Run/Walk.

It will be a race around campus to honor the 94.6-mile walk made by alumni of the ’70s to thank sponsors for donating to their cause. After the race, there will be a gathering outside Mellon Hall where participants, students and alumni from the original Third Alternative can get to know each other and share stories.

It’s sure to be a really fun and school-spirited event so I would recommend everyone get involved.

You can learn more by reading the article I wrote about the event for the Duquesne Duke @


check out the event’s Facebook page by searching “Third Alternative-Duquesne University” or DU3rdAlt on Twitter.

Registration is going on now and will continue until the morning of the event.

Good luck to everyone involved and thanks so much to participants and alumni for honoring the university I love!


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