The South Side Neighborhood

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One of the most prominent cultural areas in Pittsburgh that new Duquesne students will encounter is the “South Side” neighborhood. Located just across the Monongahela river from campus, the neighborhood is within reasonable walking distance if one takes the 10th street bridge (I make this walk twice a day, seven days a week since I live there – it is quite nice.) On the weekends, though, Duquesne runs a “loop bus” to and from South Side free of charge. It starts running in the evening and lasts until the late hours of the night.

As one of the city’s older neighborhoods, South Side has, to say the least, an extremely unique character. The architecture is unmistakably Pittsburgh-y. Although many of its establishments are unavailable to students while they are under 21 years old, there is a multitude of shops selling clothing, varieties of quality food, desert, music and entertainment, and various other richly unique types of goods along the “main drag” – Carson Street. The shopping center toward the east end of Carson street called the “South Side Works” contains a cinema. There’s even a notable concert venue called the Rex Theater. Don’t let the infamous 212 “South Side steps” descending from Duquesne’s campus deter you… South Side is a happenin’ spot.

Finally, South Side is probably the most popular neighborhood in which Duquesne students seek off-campus housing. After the mandatory two years of living on campus (unless you are a commuter), it can be both a cost-effective and worthwhile experience to live with a few friends in a South Side apartment or townhouse (see my blog post about this from last spring for more details). My time there both last year and this year has been nothing but good. And loads of fun.



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