The last “first”

I am usually not a sentimental person. Today was no exception. The first day back to class marked my last first day of classes in college. Although I may be going on to graduate school, I won’t ever have a first day of undergrad classes at Duquesne. To be honest, it was pretty uneventful. I feel like this marks the pace for the rest of the semester.

I had two classes today. Both were Journalism classes, and both taught by the same professor. I have had this professor before and I like his relaxed teaching style. I had already purchased all of my books online (if you haven’t done so yet, check out my blog about buying textbooks here), I found the right classrooms, and I got out early. Maybe this semester won’t be so bad!

I will admit that I have recently been tempted to dwell on the fact that this is probably my last winter trotting along the paths of the Bluff and the last time I’ll be buying textbooks at the bookstore.  Every time these nostalgic thoughts cross my mind, I remind myself that I don’t truly know what the future holds. Although I didn’t apply to Duquesne for graduate school, there is no saying that I won’t be back. By the time spring rolls around I may be more sad about the end of this era, but I expect I’ll be ready to move on. Until then, I have 15 more credits to earn and many more blogs to write!


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