The Incredible Salsa Adventure

When I picture Market square, a center for popular  food places like Noodles& Co, Primanti’s and Dunkin Donuts, it’s hardly with salsa music booming from it and booths set up all over it. Yet, this is what I and my mentee Megan found this Friday evening when we went there for dinner.As soon as we got there we were each handed two bags of chips and a tub of salsa.

Dinner. Who doesn't like free chips and salsa?
The surprise salsa dancers in market square have some serious moves!

Lined up around the square were booths with cakes and pies,  freshly made tortillas, artisan jewelry, fresh fruit, people with signs offering free hugs, (no I’m not kidding) and surprisingly! registrations for flu injections. Up ahead of us people were dancing to salsa music on a dance floor, with salsa instructors walking through to the audience and picking out new people to join in on the fun. Even I found myself swaying to the music, pita chips in hand. I’m already plotting to bring a couple more friends to dance with us next week. When we’re braver!

Yesterday’s little trip taught me that there is a lot of fun waiting a few steps off of campus.It’s not just Friday afternoons with fun events either. There is modern dance throughout the week, bands playing, your odd horse and buggy and there are food  carts of all kinds Thursday mornings 9-1 pm. If you want to give market square a try, I suggest getting there before winter weather hits.

To get to market square, keep going straight past Duquesne’s power center and fisher hall for about nine minutes. It’s a straight line, easy for someone even as directionally challenged as myself. (And I am directionally challenged. I may have once been guided back to campus by an Indian tourist, on his second day in Pittsburgh.Woops!) That is a story for another time. 😉


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