the hill district? okay!

so in my learning community, which is personae, we’re doing this project in the hill district. i know what most of you have probably heard about the hill, and are thinking “oh my goodness,” to yourselves right about now. but actually, it isn’t that bad. this morning was our first trip to the YMCA, which is where we’re volunteering, and it was an interesting affair. we had to catch a bus at 8:45 a.m. that  was so crowded, a lot of people had to stand. the ride there wasn’t long. it’s on centere avenue and the builiding is  slightly old. but to some kids, thats a place for them to go and have fun, as well as let loose and talk about some problems they’re having.

the hill isn’t a great part of town, as i said, and some of the kids that go to the YMCA have seen things that we only see in the movies or on the news. they come to the center for tutoring, activities, and for some venting. the project sounds really exciting and i’m glad that i get to do it.

there are three groups of us. some of us work with the kids, mainly tutoring, playing sports, and just talking and building a relationship, some of us record and document the time that we spend with the kids by taking pictures or video, and the last group is doing another project asking people in the hill district what they would like to see when the new YMCA is built in spring of 2010.

i’m really excited about this project and love the fact that i get to help kids. i think its going to be a really rewarding experience and give me something to look forward to. there will be more posts about the YMCA and what  i do there. keep an eye out!


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