The Bolt Bus, The Beauty of Boston, and More…

I had previously stated I planned to spend part of my Spring Break in Boston. After just making it home to New Jersey from the Northeast, I had a few comments I would like to share.

First, I actually was not staying in Boston. My best friend, Claire, goes to Tufts University in Medford, MA, which is about 20 minutes out of the city. This school was absolutely beautiful, although it was much more isolated than Duquesne University. There were some very unique aspects about the school. On my campus tour, I discovered that the library roof is student accessible and has a garden and a wonderful view of the city (not as nice as ours of the Southside of course). It was a really beautiful place, both in the day and at night. I also found it very cool that the chemistry building was specifically built to implode instead of explode because of the chemicals it houses.

In Boston, everyone uses the “T”, which I believe might stand for the train. It is very similar to the subway. My friend Claire was astonished that in Pittsburgh, students use the bus system much more often than the subway equivalent. We argued intensively about the pros and cons of our respective public transportation source. In sum, while the bus system allows for transfers, and ends up cheaper overall, it does not stop at every stop, much like the T, so it is easier to get lost. In my opinion at least, of course the bus system won out.

I also uncovered a little known secret through my travels. Boston is a very hard city to travel to because the airport only flies into three airports: Cleveland, Newark, and some other location. So, in order for me to get there last Thursday, I had to fly on a connection plane, which had all of ten aisles to Cleveland. After this landed, I was delayed about two stressful hours until I finally left the ground, Boston-bound. On the way home, instead of traveling back to Pittsburgh, I was coming home to New Jersey, which offered many more options. After doing a lot of research, I discovered the Bolt Bus, which is an incredible way to travel! The Bolt Bus is equip with leather seats, outlets and Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the Bolt Bus only goes to major cities, so yesterday I took the Bolt Bus into New York City from Boston. It was a great way to visit cities on weekends, especially because tickets range from 10 to 20 dollars! For me, the Bolt Bus is a great asset to me, living so close to New York City. I can take cheap weekend trips to Philly, Washington D.C. or Boston again. Although I don’t love traveling alone, I guess I will have to get over it if I want to be a world traveler one day.

Happy Spring Break! If you are traveling somewhere warm or visiting friends, enjoy your trip. If you went home for spring break, enjoy home cooking. I got the best of both worlds!


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