The Beauty of the Library

I guess I had some kind of preconceived notion, with the exception of exam preparation, that the library was for losers.  Yet, I’ve recently discovered the opportunities the library offers to students. Sure, libraries can be somewhat outdated, because who wants actually look for a book when you could just type the question into your search box. However, spending time in the library actually has a lot of peaks.

I, personally, can focus much better in a quiet environment. The best thing about the library is you don’t feel rude demanding silence. Gumberg Library has designed the bottom three floors as quiet floors, where you can fully dedicate your attention to your studies. Not that I can complain about my roommate; she is often quiet when I try to do work, but working in the library eliminates the lack of consideration.

The library also has Wi-Fi, so after class, I grab my laptop and head over. Obviously, research and note taking are made easier, yet I also find that sometimes I need a Facebook break or I want to listen to a song with my headphones. Because the library is a Wi-Fi hotspot, this is a possibility.

I also find studying at the library refreshing (aside from the revitalizing air conditioning). Because I can truly focus, I find I actually understand what I am reading and cut the amount of time I need in half. Even if you never pick up a book (I haven’t yet!), the library is still a great resource to take advantage of!


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