Testing Time Again!


I’m in my last year at Duquesne already, and time is still flying! Though it is only the first day of October, I am studying for midterms already. This semester, I only have four classes, (Fundamentals of the Internet, Persuasion, Sex Myth and Media, and Women and Politics) and I love all of them – but with exams coming up, it is easy to forget that and become overwhelmed. How can we make it through exam times and still enjoy learning and love our classes? Actually, it’s pretty easy!

– Prepare in advanced. Cramming last minute can lead to poor test scores, resulting in a disinterest in classes and learning. Though I definitely study the day before my exam, I spend about a week before preparing and reviewing notes in the 10 minutes before class. This helps you know what is going on during class, and also helps ingrain information to your memory.

– Take care of everything else! I have a weekly journal due every Tuesday, so on exam week, I am going to finish that journal by Friday, making one less thing to worry about that week. Sometimes, it is nice to schedule and balance your study times with your homework times, so homework can be a nice study break. I know it sounds crazy, but after memorizing for hours, a little busy work is a nice alternative.

– Take breaks. On the day before an exam, study for an hour or two, then reward yourself with a twenty-minute sit-com or snack break. Even though you could be using that time more productively, the little break will help refresh your mind and let you recharge for the next two hours your have ahead of you.

my study spot!
my study spot!

– Find a good study spot! If you are constantly distracted by other noises or other stimulants, avoid them. I study best in my room at an empty table, instead of at my desk. Many people like to study around the picnic tables on campus, or even in Starbucks. Though your study spot may be a little unorthodox, if it works for you – use it!


– Sleep!!!! I understand sometimes we have to pull all nighters, but don’t underestimate the importance of sleep, even if it a catnap. Your brain will better process the information you are feeding it you give it a chance to recharge.


This week, I have two exams Tuesday and two exams Thursday (not to mention the LSATs Saturday!) but I know I can make it through the week using these positive study habits and keeping a positive outlook.


Wish me luck!


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