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Today I went to a meeting for Duquesne’s Classical Society, an organization in the Liberal Arts College that focuses on the awesomeness that is Classics, which is one of my majors. After the meeting I found myself thinking about how I wished I had gotten involved in it earlier in my Duquesne Career and so sprung up my idea for this post.

Getting involved on campus can be an extremely daunting process. There are many, many different organizations in the Liberal Arts College alone and it can be very easy to just sign up for everything and then never actually become involved. Don’t be like that. Being involved at Duquesne is an awesome way to meet new people and broaden your interests. Here are a few of my tips on how to get involved, without overwhelming yourself.

1. Go to floor programs! I know they seem like a hassle but your RA works really hard putting them together and they can be an awesome experience if you give them the chance. It’s a great way to make more friends on your floor and learn about outside interests.

2. Join a club in your major! The reason I joined the Classics Society is because I happen to be a Classics major and all majors in the Liberal Arts College have some sort of Club or Organization. This can be an easy way to ease yourself into getting involved. The easiest way to find out about these meetings is to look at flyers on bulletin boards or do some searching on Campus Link.

3. Go to events! Some of my favorite memories are from going to big Duquesne Events with my friends and sisters. Autumn Fest is coming up which is an awesome opportunity to walk around A-Walk and see many organizations and eat yummy food. Homecoming is also coming which is an awesome time to cheer on the Dukes with Alumni and Students in attendance.

These are just basic things you can do to improve your experience here at Duquesne. Getting involved on campus has given me back so much more than I ever expected and I have made amazing friends in the organizations that I joined. As with everything in life you get out what you put in. In my experience getting involved is well worth the little extra effort it requires. I hope you find my tips helpful and can implement them soon!

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