Finals are over, grades have been submitted, and summer is here.  I don’t know about you, but this semester seemed like it would never end.  I wanted to thank all the bloggers that helped get this up and running during the year.  Your help is much appreciated.  Also, congratulations to everyone that graduated this past Saturday.

My plans this summer are nine credits and a month in Bolivia.  Duquesne has great study abroad options for students and I’ll be posting some of my trip after I get back from South America.

To keep us going in the mean time, I want to introduce our two new bloggers.  Erica and Alyssa are high school seniors planning on coming to Duquesne University.  Until then, they’ll be keeping everyone updating on what the process of becoming a freshmen here is like as they graduate school and get ready for the fall.  I’ve put their bios up on the Blogger Page so everyone should that out.

Posting from me will be intermittent through the next month or so, but hope everyone has a safe and much deserved rest this summer!


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