Summer Time Thoughts…

One week till finals, so the library is filling up. Students are beginning to crack down on their work a little harder. Along with finals come thoughts about summer right around the corner. It’s tough to completely focus on work when summer is so close. For most, freedom is right around the corner. For others, summer classes or internships await them. This still doesn’t take away from the appeal of summer. The weather gets better and the sun is out. This hasn’t necessarily been a problem considering the warm winter Pittsburgh experienced. No matter your plans for the summer, it marks a new chapter in everyone’s life. Finals are the end to a new beginning. Thing’s don’t always go as planned, so if it wasn’t your best semester start over. What happens in the past stays in the past, so after finals evaluate your situation and know you can always start over. If things are going well for you then continue with your success. A new beginning does not always call for a complete makeover, but simply a change in direction. Something I took from a great movie is “the past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift.” Even if this came from the movie Kung Fu Panda, it’s very important advice. Many students find themselves living in the past or future. They tend to be stuck thinking about past mistakes or their future plans. Obviously the future is important to all college students, but it’s important to live in the present moment. The future will come soon enough, but we control our future by living in the present. Enjoy your time in college now because it goes by fast. I can’t believe after next week I’ll officially be a senior. Don’t let this time go to waste and good luck to everyone on Finals!


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