What Does Summer Mean to Me Part 2

I heart you summer. Some of my best childhood memories come from this glorious time of year. So, as part of our summer tradition, I’ll take my turn in the rotation to tell you what summer means to me.

In no particular order…

The fact that it’s light outside until after 9pm is brilliant. This is usually my reaction.

I’m not a sun worshiper and I don’t tan well but sunshine does something to positively influence my mood.

The beach. Water + sand = happy, happy, happy.

The smell of cookouts. If I go for a run through my neighborhood, I almost always smell someone cooking on a grill. At this moment, I want to stop running and eat.

Watching baseball. Baseball and summer are a perfect marriage.

Sitting on my front porch. I remember my grandmother telling me how she enjoyed this when I was a child. I now understand what she meant by this.

The 4th of July.







Seeing people outside. It makes me smile when I see my neighbors talking to one another or people walking in our neighborhood. Especially after the winter we just had.

Ok, that’s it. That’s the list. How about you? What does summer mean to you?



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