Summer Internships- A Test Drive for the Rest of Your Life

As cliché as it may sound, it truly is hard to believe that another summer has come and gone. As the years go by, each school year seems to run together. For me at least, on the first day of school I have the feeling that I never even left campus.

For many upperclassmen, the time that fills the gap between school years that we once referred to as “summer” is now filled with internships that make us feel as if we have already been thrown into the teeth of the working world with no sign of a summer vacation. Thankfully for us, once the summer is over, we head back to class to relieve us of our adult duties and resume our roles as students. However, this escape from the “adult world” is quickly coming to a close as graduation looms over the heads of seniors.

Especially in this economic climate, we seek the protection of the Bluff to shield us from the realities of the lackluster job market. It’s almost like we are nestled into a slingshot just waiting to be flung into the workforce but the lack of jobs is stretching the band as far as it can go before it snaps.

Although our 9-5 workdays sometimes seemed like a monotonous chore, we can take a look back and realize how the experience gained from these internships will hopefully catapult our careers upon graduation. One perk of an internship whether it is paid (even more of a perk) or unpaid is that we can type that job description right onto our resume for future employers to marvel at!

Here is my token piece of advice from past experience. While at your internship, document the tasks that you are asked to perform on a daily basis. However minute or large the task it is, write it down and add a little description of that job. Why would you do this you may ask? Well, for starters, when it comes time to update your resume you don’t want to discover that you can’t recall a single thing that you did at your internship. That’s why its important to jot down helpful notes along the way. This little tidbit can help you sort out which tasks will be more appealing to your future employer.

Aside from the benefits of your summer internship, a whole new year has started and has come equipped with a clean slate. So take advantage of the beginning of the year and gather in all of the information that you can before you are sent off into real world. Welcome back everyone!


— Maria Londino

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