Strong Women Strong Girls

Strong Women Strong Girls has begun again for the semester! I am still mentoring at Roosevelt Elementary School in Carrick, which I am rather happy about. It was very nice to see the same girls as last semester, and very reassuring to hear that they remembered our names.

Because it was our first week back, we didn’t have a bio or woman of the week for them to learn about. We asked the girls to write about their new years resolutions in their journals, and tell us a little about their Christmases. Reading the resolutions were quite impressive; the girls wrote things like respecting their parents and doing better in school. Those are few things I could work on as well. Meanwhile, quickly made paper frames with some construction paper and glue, and asked the girls to decorate them. They had a lot of fun, using feathers, stickers and markers and so did we!

After that activity was over, we had time to make gene bracelets, which I think is a really cool activity! Each girl got a piece of yarn and a gene card, which listed several genetic traits, such as hair texture. Each trait was assigned a specific bead, so each bracelet was unique, just like each girl.

Even though we only had four mentors and no lesson plan, it was a great visit.


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