Spring Break Away

eiffel-tower-dayHave you heard about Duquesne’s Spring Break Away Programs?

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about classes that satisfy core curriculum and then travel to foreign countries for Spring Break. I hope to travel as much as I can from now on, so the Spring Break Away definitely interested me. I attended a meeting that gave an overview of some of next semester’s classes, which included trips to Spain, Italy, and France. There, I found out that the trip to Paris, France was part of an Impressionism/Post-Impressionism art class that satisfied my Creative Arts Core. I called my parents right away and they agreed that it was a great opportunity. I handed in my application the next day and received word about a week later that I was accepted into the class.

I chose the art class because I had taken a few art classes in high school, including two years of Studio Photography, and my teachers were always very encouraging of us to study art history. Although they taught me the basics of famous artists and different eras, I’m excited to learn about Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in detail. The Duquesne professors I met were very clear that they were going to start with the basics, and there was no pre-requisite that required any art knowledge.

Obviously, I’m also super excited about the part where we travel to Paris in the spring! I honestly still can’t believe its going to happen and satisfy a requirement for school at the same time. Our itinerary is a week full of experiences including trips to all the famous museums and landmarks and actually viewing the art we studied all semester long. We will be staying at a hotel in the heart of all the culture and we will be given many evenings to explore on our own. It was surprising to me that I’m able to do this as a freshman. While seniors and juniors are given priority for these classes, my initiative to apply early paid off.

I would definitely recommend that all Duquesne students learn more about any available programs you may be interested in. As my first semester as a freshman starts to get closer and closer to the end, I’m very grateful to be able to reflect on my experiences so far and recognize how many amazing opportunities I have had right from the beginning.

More updates about this experience are to come!


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