Snow days in college? Really?!

Snow days in college are usually unheard of. I am sure, like me, you’ve been checking the Duquesne websites, calling the information hot line, and praying to the snow god’s every evening this week. With a combination of record breaking snowfalls and bad city streets, Duquesne has been graced with more snow days this week than I have experienced in my three years here.

The first day was pretty exciting! I finished up some homework, shoveled my driveway, and watched a lot of TV. The second snow day was a surprise. I thought we didn’t get snow days in college! Again, I watched a lot of TV, and braved the treacherous roads to go to the gym. Although I love days off, I have to say it’s getting a little old by the third day. Although the roads are the worst they’ve been in a few days, I braved the elements again to go to the gym. I just had to get out!

Duquesne is not alone in these cancellations, as anyone who has turned on the TV in

My driveway after shoveling part this weekend.

the past week knows. There were over 700 cancellations today on the local news stations, and some schools are already canceling for tomorrow. I hate to complain about free time, no commitments, and no homework or tests to worry about, but being cooped up for days is growing boring!

Stay safe everyone! Maybe we will be back to school before the week is over…..


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