Silence on the Bluff

Spring Break is finally here.  I finally finished my midterms after many long, grueling, and sleepless hours on Friday.  I dropped my roommate off at the airport, and said goodbye to friends as they departed campus to venture home or travel on trips throughout the country.  Usually I begin a countdown to Spring Break from the start of the semester in January, but this year my break is bittersweet.  I won’t be at my home, in Chambersburg, playing with my dog, sleeping in my own bed, or eating home-cooked meals.  I will only be laying out on a sunny beach at an exotic resort in my dreams.  This year I have to stay on campus and work all week at my internship for an event we have next weekend. 

Regardless of my (less than thrilling) Spring Break plans, I am grateful for the learning opportunities I have had in planning for the Endorsement.  I have gained valuable skills in event planning, as I have helped coordinate logistics for our event to run smoothly at Heinz Field, developed organizational skills, ensuring that our committee list is accurate, and acquired communication skills, working with committee chairs and members with any problems that have come up. 

These are skills are necessary to have an edge over others for competitive internship and job opportunities.  Last week I attended both the Job and Internship Fair, as well as the Non-Profit Job and Internship Fair.  It was definitely an overwhelming and scary experience, but hopefully, if nothing else, something that I can learn from.  At least being alone this week will give me time to focus on finishing up all of the summer internship applications that have been piling up! 

 So while you’re all out having fun and enjoying life without classes don’t forget to come back next weekend and bring noise back to Duquesne— I’m bored and lonely without you!


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