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As a Resident Assistant, I am required to attend two in-service seminars. Though these so-called “in-services” range in subject matter from professionalism to CPR, they often have a reputation of being burdensome and boring. When the email with our options for this semester circulated, I quickly sent in my responses as to get my first choice: though I had heard they are all lame, some are certainly longer and more intense than others. I sent back my first and second choices: Self Defense and Stress Management.

As my previous blogs have stated, I have certainly mastered the stress part… it is the management department I will find useful. (Don’t worry, I am not writing yet another blog complaining about how stressful my life is.) This program is not until next Wednesday, but I will surely share my new tips on the blog!

Instead, I would like to encourage everyone to attend a self-defense course with Sean Martin like I did last Monday. It was my first self-defense class ever, though my parents had begged me to attend lessons at home before going off to Pittsburgh and living the city life alone. For some reason, I constantly refused. Yet, when I was picking my in-services, for some reason I decided to go for it and I am so glad that I did!

After an hour lesson with Sean, I am certainly not a master of self-defense; I do not even feel confident that I could fend off a criminal. However, I have been encouraged to continue attending these courses and become confident in my abilities.

So, off I go to self-defense: join me!

When: Wednesdays Oct 6 – Nov 10, 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Where: Towers MPR

Who: Dr. Sean Martin

Sean shared that he has known six people from Duquesne University who have used his techniques from these fun classes to save their lives. Take the time to have fun and let loose, and remember, better safe then sorry.



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