saying goodbye, this time, same old story. seeing you cry makes me feel like saying sorry.

so i have decided to leave duquesne university. it’s a choice that i didn’t want to make, but it’s the best thing for me right now. i’ve made stupid decisions and skipped too much class. i’ve subjected myself to an environment and made friends that were not good for me. i’m taking myself out before i get too far in. i think it’s a good decision.

however, just because it didn’t work out for me, i don’t want anyone to not give duquesne life a try. this place truly is amazing. the people, the location, the classes, the teachers; everything here has something to offer. i just want people to learn from my mistake and take everything seriously. don’t do something just because everyone else is. do what you need to do and make it worth it. go to class, do homework everynight, try not to get sick, and most importantly, find a group of friends that will be good for you. don’t develop bad habits. be smart about everything that you do.

i’ve made the most amazing friends here. it kills me that i have to leave them. i’ve spent the past week with all of them having sleepovers, talking, and just hanging out. they’re people that i’m going to carry with me for the rest of my life. they all have a part of me and have left an imprint on my heart. i just hope that i’ve done the same for them.

i will never forget the time that i’ve spent here, the things that i’ve learned, and the friends that i’ve made.

this is something that i have to do for myself.

so to duquesne university and everyone here, its been fun.

thanks for the memories <3

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