saying goodbye and moving in! hello college!

so i’m spending my last night at home, and its not really setting in yet. i just got back from an amazing vacation with my best friend and i cannot believe that it is already time for me to leave. i got up today and realized that i had so many people to say goodbye to. that was definitely the hardest part. you’re leaving behind friends and family that you’ve spent the past eighteen years of your life with and its a serious reality check.

when you move in, let your mom make your bed if she wants to. it’ll help a lot and she might be better with leaving you behind. let your dad pick on you on last time and call you by your childhood name. your sister might wanna smack you a few times before she leaves and if that’s the case, let her. she still loves you, even if she is kinda mean.

i can’t really say too much about the whole moving in with a roommate thing, mainly because i don’t have one. living by myself, even though its only the first night, doesn’t seem too horrible. sure, its kind of lonely because everyone is out and about with their roommates but i do okay on my own too. i think that this will get better.

duquesne is amazing. i love it and i am so excited to finally be living here.


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