roommates = goood times!!

so as i’m sure you all know, i was without a roommate for the first month of school. that’s all about to change. i met a girl a few weeks ago that was living in assumption as a forced triple!! (basically three beds in a room made for two) she was super nice and we had a lot in common. we both listen to fantastic music, (at least we think so) we have similar schedules, and we both love tattoos and of course piercings to match. there’s also one other thing in common, and it puts me so much more at ease, considering this was the reason my other roommate moved out.

right now, i should probably be cleaning, considering my room is covered in clothes randomly, but this won’t take too long.

it was definitely for the best that my other roommate moved out, before moving in. this girl and i are definitely more compatible. she’s actually coming home with me for the g20! we’re really excited for that. i feel like i’m definitely making a life long friend here.

i am a little worried that once we move in together, it won’t be the same. we spend a lot of time together already though so we should be alright!

well, now i’m going to clean and get ready for my new roommate, and new life long friend <3

jules and i!

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