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After much deliberation, I am ready to publically announce that I am going to be a Resident Assistant next year. I had been afraid of “jinxing” myself etc. which I know was silly, but still not worth the risk. Let me quickly fill you in on the background events. The application process began in early January, December even, for some. For me, it was a last minute decision. I quickly filled out the application and asked around for recommendations. I turned it in the day it was due (which is very unlike me – I am usually way ahead of the game) and hoped for the best. I had to schedule a half hour interview, which I nearly puked before I was so nervous, and attended a “Group Process”.

As the Group Process begun, the Resident Directors asked up to write our names on a dry erase board and pose with it for a photo. (This is probably as close as I will ever get to American Idol auditions.) At that time, I really began to doubt my chances. As I glanced around the room and tried to count how many others had applied for the same exact position as me, I was pretty sure that I would not be chosen to fill one of 82 positions. I sat there and tried to convince myself that living in Towers with other sophomores would be more fun anyway. At the end of the Group Process, the director of Res Life explained we could pick up our official letters in five days. There were three possible responses: Yes, No, and maybe. That Friday, I opened my letter with my best friend. I was ecstatic to see that my letter began with the word “Congratulations”.

Since that telling day at Group Process, I have found that there are many benefits of being a Resident Assistant, more than I had realized at first. Next year, I will have my own room with my own bathroom, which is great, but there is so much more this position will offer me, and I don’t mean on a resume. This position will truly help me grow and develop unique skills. I am also meeting a new peer group, a community of students, which is diverse but wonderful. I have begun training for next year and not only am I learning valuable information about community and diversity, but about Duquesne University as well. For example, I recall someone saying Duquesne is the only Spiritan university in the world!

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