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Dear All,

As you may or may not know, Duquesne students (excluding commuters) are required to live on campus for their first two years of classes. On-campus living was a wonderful and memorable experience for myself as well as most others, and you might hear more about it from someone who is currently on campus (Alexa) in another blog post. Although many students choose to stay on campus and move to the upperclassmen dorms after their first two years, there are also many others who choose to move off campus into one of the Pittsburgh neighborhoods. I am included in this latter population.

The neighborhoods most popular for those moving off-campus are South Side and Downtown/Uptown, in part because they are the located adjacent to Duquesne. Many seek other students/friends as roommates in order to defray the costs, but more importantly for good company. Depending on the quality of the house/apartment, prices vary widely, but there are many very affordable options. Monthly rent and utilities payment requirements are standard. Since Pittsburgh is a nicely compact city, essentials such as food, gas, and hygienic goods are usually very close to any given community in which students take up residence.

Speaking for myself, I was very lucky to find a group of 3 friends to take me in at their house in South Side. Our crib is located on a street that runs off of 10th street, which means that we’re only a few-hundred yards from the 10th street bridge that crosses the river and leads directly to campus. So, I can walk to campus each day, which gives substance my otherwise non-existent exercise habits. I like to think that living there is the final stage on my road to self-sufficient living… Thanks to the added responsibilities and the great friends, living there this past year has been both personally enriching and, well, a blast.


Kristian Sheeley



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