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Dear Reader,

Coming up with a title for this post was a little difficult as I wanted to keep it unambiguous and also Duquesneable, but that can be so uncharacteristic of me sometimes. The subject matter is adult content, but we’re not talking about adult-adult content(you know what I mean… thanks, value-added contrastive focus reduplication!)

Getting to the point, I’m talking about when our lives begin to contain more mature “adult” moments, like paying bills, making meals, organizing and prioritizing schedules, side-eyeing individuals acting ridiculously vapid or immature… though, they may not be that much younger than you. Being an adult isn’t just contained in big Hallmark moments, like owning a car – and let’s not forget that something like owning a car is comprised of a ton of small things, like knowing how to turn on the high-beams, having good windshield wipers, keeping umbrellas and tissues in the car for emergencies, etc.

In seemingly small, insignificant or mundane moments like organizing my day or week to fit in all the necessary time for assignments, appointments, enjoyable things and the like, I am struck by the feeling of being an adult. But these moments strike me at odd times, like when I make a bank deposit or the public library, or even when I say things like ‘going to work’ or read a biography(that I chose – it’s not required for class). Or when I dress professionally and have a meeting with a CEO, after which meeting I pay an extraordinary parking garage pass and drive home over the Veteran’s bridge, smiling as I gaze at our city while one of my favorite CDs blares. I’m 21, in college, working a few jobs and taking classes and I have the rest of my life to “be an adult.” But I still revel in these moments. I think there’s something to be said about the juxtaposition of being so young that I still love to blast my music and do other not-adult things, but I’m also doing things that us college students might think only adults do.

To feel like an adult, we must feel comfortable and competent. Maybe you feel this way in bigger Hallmark moments like buying a car. Or maybe you feel this when you make a substantial meal just for yourself. Adult life spans the chasm between these kinds of moments, and you should feel confident in celebrating these moments. And also, it’s totally OK to still be a kid and just want to pig out on Mac n’ Cheese while binge watching Netflix(actually, the things we deem as ‘kid-like’ are probably more common in adults). Who doesn’t want that? But you don’t have to be completely kid or adult – you just have to be completely you.

On a personal note, I often feel that I don’t measure up in some way because I don’t own a car or my own apartment. I’m mentally independent, and quite capable of being independent(for Heaven’s sakes, I studied abroad in Ireland was extremely independent), but I don’t have the external proof to demonstrate this. However, my decision to live as I do is my decision. And that simple ability is bona fide adult. I can decide if I want to stretch my means and get a car. I can decide if I want to make poor life choices. I can decide to make better life choices. Whatever decisions I make, they are mine, whether I regret them or celebrate them.

And I’ll start by celebrating the little things.

Thanks for reading,

PS- What makes you feel like an adult? Please share in the comments!




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