A Quiet Thanksgiving Break

Just about every college student enjoys taking a break from their classes. The Thanksgiving break gave people a week off from their classes. During this time, people get together with friends, relax, and do other things they intend to do. Some people travel to distant lands, while others stay at their homes. I stayed at home and enjoyed spending time with those who live with me.

I am content with staying at home, where I read books, play video games, and use the Internet. I really appreciate what modern technology has to offer, as it has made it possible for us to live happier and more productive lives. Technology such as the Internet, for example, makes us more productive by giving us access to a countless amount of information, and it makes us happier by providing us with many forms of entertainment. The information makes us more knowledgeable as people, and the access to other people helps us escape loneliness.

With many of my friends either dead or in other lands, the Internet provided me with a way to communicate with those who are still alive. A few people I know died this year, and I hope the same won’t be said about the people I care about who are still alive. I know many people, and I cherish those who stood by my side during times of need and stayed with me to the present. I appreciate their company, and I hope I can enjoy their company for years to come.

With my friends slowly dying off and disappearing, I become more thankful for those who are still around. I do not see them very often, but I appreciate the rare times when I do see them. Technology helps make this possible, as it allows us to communicate from distant lands and remain in contact with one another. The more technology humanity has, the better. As I am thankful for my friends, I am also thankful for the inventors of the world, as they help us live happier and more productive lives.

-Frank Decapio

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