Program Showcase: Pirates Game!









On any given trip home during Pirates season over the last few years, my dad would advise me  that “it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon, Mike.” Or sometimes, especially as the Pirates started to win an amount of games that was no longer embarrassing, he would warn me that “we’re runnin’ out of space on the bandwagon, dude.” I never took him seriously; the man’s been a fan since before he could even tie his own shoes.

To his probably eternal disappointment, I still have not hopped on that wagon. But that hasn’t stopped me from being extremely excited when my RAs propose Pirates games as a way to bond with their floors. On Monday evening, 6th floor Towers RA Ty Carson-Horn took a contingent of his residents to PNC Park, where they had a great time taking in some baseball and, no doubt, representing Duquesne and the Office of Residence Life positively in the community. Ty is also one of our RAs living on the “global diversity” floor in Towers, a program I hope to talk a little more about (with pictures!) some other time.

Here’s some more pictures, courtesy of Ty:

Ty's residents (the Phillies fan looks thrilled)
Ty’s residents (and some guests)!
Ty hams it up with some residents.
Ty hams it up with some residents.
Beautiful shot of the city from the T.
Beautiful shot of the city from the stands.

























Have your RAs taken you on any memorable programs?


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