Power Center: even nicer than I remembered it!

When I first game to Duquesne, the only option for a gym was in the basement of the AJ Palumbo Center. I think I only saw a handful of girls there during the entire first semester of my freshman year, before the Power Center was built. There were limited machines, and you’d be lucky if you got one that wasn’t broken! Half of the treadmills worked, and there were no luxuries like televisions or music. I don’t remember there being elliptical machines, or even a complete set of free weights. Obviously the Power Center gym is a step up, but I before yesterday, I hadn’t remembered how nice it was!

powercenterI hadn’t been to the Power Center gym for a while before my visit yesterday afternoon. I love to run, and I will be doing my fourth marathon on Oct. 25, but when the weather gets cold, I almost exclusively run inside. If you’ve ever run on a treadmill for an extended period of time, you know it is not fun! Although running in place isn’t my favorite kind of running, I enjoy it better than freezing outside during the chilly winter months.

I ran inside yesterday because it was chilly, and I only had time for a short run. I opted to stick to the treadmill, and was pleasantly reminded of the luxury of the Power Center when I went to workout. The TVs are all working, and have every cable station! I watched MTV and CNN, which really helped the time pass. There were plenty of treadmills for the number of students there, and there were also people on the ellipticals, stationary bikes, step machines, and lifting weights. I also belong to a gym near my house and every time I visit the Power Center, I am reminded why I would rather go there than any other gym!

Not only are the facilities really top notch, but there are signs and posters everywhere advertising classes, competitions, intramural sports, and more. Who knew the Recreation Department offers a swimming class at Towers Pool? Or a competition to bike 300 miles (from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia) on the gym’s stationary bikes?

To learn about everything the Power Center and Recreation Department have planned, click here!

Even though its getting colder and you may feel like curling up in your bed and staying there until April, remember that the Power Center gym has tons of equipment, tv’s, contests, and more to keep everyone in shape. You’ll definitely see me there!


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