Post from last year: Don’t let finals get you down!

Here is a blog post I wrote last year during finals week:

During finals week, it would be tough to find a single student who would not describe his or her mood as stressed. Whether it is the final papers, all-nighters in the library, packing to move home for the summer, or the final exams stacked up one after the other, finals week has a way of getting under every student’s skin.
During a week jam-packed with stressful events, avoiding excessive pressure may be hard to do. It’s hard to believe, but there is a reason for stress in our lives. Stress is something that evolved over time to help up cope with difficult situations.
Students get stressed about the amount of work they have during finals week, the fact that it is all crammed into one week, and because of the important of the work on their final grades. What stresses me out the most about finals week is that the studying seems never ending! As soon as I have conquered one final, it seems there are always more looming.
Many universities plan events for students to get their minds off of work during finals week. The University of Wisconsin hosts “Stress Free Zone” which offers snacks, games, and stress free activities for students to participate in. Other colleges, like New York University and St. Leo University in Florida, host midnight breakfasts for students who plan on spending the night awake and studying.
The Gumberg Library at Duquesne is hosting a study break for students on Wednesday, April 28, at 3 p.m., sponsored by the Student Government Association. Refreshments will be served in the Popular Reading Area on the 4th floor of the Gumberg Library. This gives students a break from their studies on the Reading Day, a day off before finals for students to have time to study.
Maybe Duquesne should try something new on this year’s Reading Day. Each year before finals, Northwestern University students participate in a longstanding tradition. According to the Associated Press, “They stand outside in the cold the night before exams, wearing jeans and sweats or just PJs. They scrEAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!” This activity is often called the “primal scream,” and gives students a chance to vent their frustrations during a stressful time in school. After sharing the in the tradition, Andrew Walker, a junior and resident adviser at a Northwestern University dorm said, “It hurt my vocal cords a little bit,” while holding his throat and smiling widely. “But I liked it!”
So if the stress of finals has got you down, stop by the Gumberg Library on Wednesday for a well deserved break. Or, take a lesson from students at Northwestern, and just SCREAM!


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