Pirates fall to the Giants in NL Wild Card Game but winning baseball in Pittsburgh is on the Rise

Last night the Pittsburgh Pirates season ended in an 8 – 0 loss against the Giants in the 2014 National League Wildcard game.

The game was agonizing to the 40,000 plus fans that watched at PNC Park and the thousands more across the bridge and throughout the city. Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner pitched a complete game shutout striking out 10 and walking just one. He also held the Pirates to just 4 hits.

The pitching unfortunately wasn’t much better starting pitcher Edison Volquez allowed 5 runs in 5 innings spear headed by a Brandon Crawford grand slam in the 4th inning. The staff as a whole allowed 11 hits and walked 6.

Despite last night not playing out how Pirates fans wanted, this does mark the second straight year in which the Pirates have hosted a home playoff game after finishing under .500 for 20 consecutive seasons.

The the second time in the last two seasons the city united and embraced a sport than had been dormant for most of the populations entire lifetime as if nothing ever happened.

To an outsider it would appear as if the Pirates had never skipped a beat from their 5 World Series titles, the last of which coming in 1979.

Baseball in Pittsburgh is back.

Yes, the sting of last nights game hurts now and a lot of fans are overreacting and calling for extreme changed to be made, but the fact of the matter is the Pirates are winning again and it has no signs of stopping.

For 20 years baseball was irrelevant behind the Steelers and the Penguins in the Steel City. How many of us thought we’d never see another winning team in our lifetime? How many would just have been satisfied to finish over .500 let alone make the playoffs? How many of us thought we would be in a situation to be upset and calling for the manager to be fired for doing something that hadn’t happened in 20 years?

Baseball in Pittsburgh is back, and while we fell last night to the Giants winning is on the rise.

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