Open House Apprehensions, a Personal Story

005This past Sunday, Duquesne had its first Open House of the year. Families stopped by campus, some traveling from states away just to get a glimpse at what might be their kid’s college.  Back when I came to my first Open House, my mother came with me to every event. I can remember what it felt like, what a big step it was for both of us, even if we only lived fifteen minutes away. I think she was a little teary. I tried to tell myself I was way too cool to be.

I was wide-eyed, fresh out of homeschooling through my high-school years. The sight of so many people overwhelmed me. Campus was alive, buzzing- and I’d never seen so many people at once in all my life. I asked questions (from my carefully rehearsed list!) to college students who seem to have their lives all figured out. It was a little bit strange, these people in the their business-y getup. They seemed so grown up. I wondered if this was a place where I might “fit in”.

This year I got to be on the other side of it. I was one of those people in the official Duquesne t-shirts! I got to meet a lot of high-schoolers that I realized were pretty dang cool, going through the same thing I had. You guys asked awesome questions, and were people I wanted to be friends with. (If you were at the open house, and we met, you’re one of the people I’m talking about!)  It seemed impossible that you might see me as I’d seen the college students I’d met, way back in the stone ages. 😛

So, if you ever feel a little intimidated when talking to one of us in the official college shirts, remember this. College doesn’t completely transplant your personality and turn you into a plain-old professional. It just helps you to work with what you’ve got.  I know I’m still the same old me, I just talk a whole lot more. I have those awkward moments when I want to be smooth and just flail around instead until I find my footing. I know that I’m not the only Duquesner that does.

If you came to open house, and we haven’t yet talked, I hope we do. Talk to us, email us, make nerdy references about Avengers to us– we’re all big goofballs inside!

Assemble! your questions and/or comments and leave them after the jump.

~Laura “The Parrot” Lowe

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