One Week of Class

I ended my first week of actual classes and to say the least, I am quite pleased with all that I have learned this week and will learn throughout my time here. I have the same classes I had during orientation week, so I will be studying syntax, art history, and culture as well as a class dedicated to conversational skills.

My classes begin at nine in the morning and end at two in the afternoon monday through friday, which appears like elementary school, but is needed for an intensive program. After all, how can you learn so quickly if you are not practicing everyday? I begin with a two hour grammar class with a woman named Sonsoles. So far, it has been nothing but fun and entertainment. After, I have an hour long conversation class which we just talk about whatever topic our teacher feels like that day. A few days, so far, I feel like she keeps calling on me to speak about life in America, but I am probably just paranoid. Then, I have my hour long culture class which will try to cover all of Spain’s information, customs, and everyday life. This and the class I have after are more lecture type classes where I have to take notes. Finally I end my day with Art History where I will be learning from Prehistoric times up to the famous painter Dali.

Nothing seems to be out of reach, except for how grading is in this country. Most of your grade comes from a midterm and final. Some classes in America choose to separate the information learned before and after the midterm and only test on one of the two sections respectively. Well, in Spain, the midterm is called exman parcial which translates into a partial exam. And the exam final means that it will cover all the information from the first day.

Unfortunately I have no photos of my class rooms or my building that I go to. But, to end I should mention that for most people studying in Spain they do a modular program and take classes similar to the ones in America just in Spanish. My roommate does that and his schedule is also like one from back home except the hours aren’t always at the same time. And for the daring, people can enroll to take actual University classes with the students but this is for those who have almost mastered the language on their own. For me, I choose my classes because I felt it would be the best way to improve my Spanish.


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