One week down…

How many more to go???

This is the type of week that makes me appreciate break! I think my feeling are shared by a lot of students during the first few weeks of the semester. I know I’ve seen a lot of stressed out people lugging boxes of overpriced texbooks around, and many more cups of coffee on campus that usual.

In the 5 days we have been back to classes, I’ve already dropped a class and added two more. I should have taken my own advice from an earlier blog post and been sure of the requirements for the graduate programs I applied to, because I needed another math class and a Linguistics course this semester. Luckily I had room for them, and figured the issue out before the add/drop period ended.

This also meant I had to buy textbooks for two additional classes. Can you say “headache”?

On top of all of this, my sister was in a car accident over the weekend and I spent Saturday night in a chair in Presby Hospital. Thankfully, she walked away with only some cuts and a broken collar bone but the shock of the accident has been a little stressful.

The final stressor this week was an inconvenent summons to Jury Duty on Monday, where I spent the day with 99 other strangers in a countroom downtown. I read some textbooks and texted my sister all day, but nothing is worse than knowing you are missing class and simply wasting time! Luckily I didn’t get chosen to serve on a jury, so my service ended after a long day on Monday. The $13 dollars I’ll get paid for my time can’t even come close to making up for the number of brain cells I lost staring at the wall for hours.

Let’s hope next week is not as eventful.


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