Nostalgia?! I’m only a junior!

From anxiousness upon moving into my first dorm room to anxiousness upon moving into the real world, we can see that taking those milestone steps in life make me (and probably everyone) a little bit nervous.  It really does seem like just yesterday that I had to graduate high school and move onto the next chapter in my life at Duquesne, and now every day brings me closer to graduation and the challenge of finding a “big girl job”.  I wouldn’t have thought I would be so unwilling to graduate from college; it seems like just another step we need to take before moving out on our own and becoming completely independent, but college hasn’t been just a means to obtain a degree.  As cliche as it sounds, college really has been the time of my life, and I realize that I’ll be looking back on my time here for the rest of my life.  Not to say that my life ends at graduation and there aren’t more amazing things to come, but I’ve experienced so much and changed so drastically since my first day at orientation here that I know I’m making memories every day that will last forever.

My freshman Spring Break Away group after a yummy dinner together

It’s a strange phenomenon to be living in a moment, like this weekends’ St. Patrick’s Day festivities or an awesome event I’m planning with PRSSA, and realize that I’m living in a moment that I know I’ll look back on and smile about.  Realizing how much I love my life at Duquesne encourages me to appreciate every day and do as much as I can while I’m here to tackle just a fraction of the possibilities for experience this campus has to offer.

I’m not just saying this because I write the blog for the college either–I wouldn’t take part in this publication if I didn’t believe in what I was saying.  I’ve met brilliant professors, best friends, a boyfriend of two years, inspiring classmates and tons of other people who have completely changed my life in just three academic years.  That’s unreal!  My life would be completely different right now and unimaginable if I had chosen a different school, a different roommate, a different major, a different anything.

Some of my current best friends and roommates I met in St. Annes

My point is this–you’ll probably look back upon these years with nostalgia no matter what happens so whether you choose political science or a wing in Towers or a semester in Ireland, at least you’re choosing SOMETHING.  I can tell you from experience that every door at Duquesne has something worthwhile behind it, so the important decision isn’t what to do with your time here, it’s just making the decision to take advantage of these opportunities and do something.  You almost can’t go wrong, and I’ve found it’s usually the most unanticipated class or event that has the biggest impact, so just try everything.  Embrace the Learning Communities, the orientation dances and the new people you’ll run into every day.  You could be meeting your new best friend or your future boss at your dream job.

We’re not about doing the minimum here and simply getting through our classes so we can run home–it’s a lifestyle, and although we may joke about how much in common we seem to have with others on campus, I think it’s because this is a place for a full college experience and that really does affect everyone who takes advantage of it.  So as for me, I’m looking forward to squeezing in as much as I can over this last year and I hope everyone does the same with the time they have left.  If you’re just about to start your college journey then I envy you–I’d do it all over again if I could.


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