Nice Was Nice

Two Sundays ago, my group and I left to go travel around the south of Spain, Andalusia. Though I was there two years before, I was able to see a different aspect of the buildings, places and people that I have already become acquainted with. I didn’t like that I was restricted by following a tour when I already have done tours of the places and my desire to explore all the twists and turns was burning inside of me, but I did learn more than I previously knew. The towns I went to in
Andalusia were Cordoba, Seville, and Granada.

I went to the Mosque turned Cathedral in Cordoba first. The beauty of the area was outstanding and leaves a lasting impression. Hearing the history of the place makes it even more overwhelming. To see two different religions entwined in each other is quite moving, though it does have to deal with some hostile takeovers.

After Cordoba we traveled to Seville. Our first stop was the Plaza de Espana, which shows all of the Providences of Spain. The whole plaza is different than most, it has a giant fountain, mosaic walls depicting different important times of that Providence, and, of course, gyspys!


Then we traveled to the Alcazar:

And finally we arrived at Granada to see the Alhambra (my favorite part):

From these towns, I got dropped off in Madrid and traveled to France to visit a friend that is studying in Aix in Provance.  We took a bus to Nice and spent the next three days on the beach.  I do warn anyone wanting to go that it is a pebble beach and it does hurt to walk on… or at least for me and my friends.  I didn’t take any pictures for reasons I still have yet to figure out. But, Nice was nice.  Unfortunately, I don’t think France is for me and I, once again, don’t understand why.

This is my final week off before classes start and I can’t wait to soak up more Spanish culture, and rest from my constant moving.

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