New Year’s Resolutions (and those dreaded New Year’s Blues)

My New Year's Resolutions
My New Year’s Resolutions are a work in progress. As you can see. ;)

Welcome to New Year’s day! It’s that one strangely significant day of the year, after the crazy parties and those hopeful midnight kisses, where you feel like you should have it all together. You want to have the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend/pet (:P),  family life, job, place to live…etc.  You write down resolutions about things you should do by next year, like win the noble peace prize and make a million dollars… and try to get to work on them right away.

There’s a tradition that you should live New Year’s day the way you want to live all year. (For example, today my mom told me we’d better invite my aunt over for an exercise party so we could be working out and healthy the rest of the year.) New Year’s day is hard work!

My winter break statues
According to that idea, my new year will be full of tiny statues. That’s what I’ve been doing all winter break.

While New Year’s eve is about having fun and trying to live the high life for one night, New Year’s day is when reality and our responsibilities sink in again. While it’s a myth that suicides increase significantly during New Year’s, our high expectations can contribute to New Year’s Blues. We expect things to go well and if they don’t, we figure they never will.

Putting a date on when we should have our lives together is arbitrary, kind of like the Mayan calendar’s end of the world. (We’re still waiting for it by the way, Mayans.) The truth is, New Year’s day is significant only because we think it is. We can make changes any day of the year, just by taking little steps.

So this New Year’s day, don’t beat yourself up. Appreciate the people you love, and what you’ve accomplished so far. Take small steps toward your goals and remember, you have 364 more days of the year to change your life.

And just because I love lists, here are four New Year’s blues fighting tips.

1. Set yourself some little doable goals. Turn Lose 40 pounds this year into eat half a slice of cake instead of one for dessert or hit the gym three days a week.

2. Keep your promises to yourself. After all, this will make you a little more immune to the blues next year.

3. Don’t forget to write one resolution that acknowledges the amazing people in your life. Someone out there cares about you. Just look around and remember to appreciate that. (If they’re all away on vacation or something, you can always walk up to me and demand a hug.)

4. Remember that even if things are rough, you’re still alive. And you can tell your kids and/or pets that you survived the Mayan apocalypse someday.

My resolutions include grumbling less at the lovely person who wakes me up every morning, showing up to classes on Thursday in a funny hat… and to making my posts 10% more interesting this year. I’m feeling optimistic. 😉

On this note, I leave you to your resolution writing and your last day of break. See you back at the Duq on Thursday, guys and gals!


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